Join the Club

If you are at CERN and you would like to play some volleyball you can join the CERN Volleyball Club and take part on its activity.

The procedure to follow is outlined below:

  1. Contact the reference person
    • Team CERN I – Mike Koratzinos  mail
    • Team CERN II – Giulia Gnemmi mail, Sara Celani mail
  2. Join for one of the practices suggested by the reference person
    • This will allow you to meet the team and see if you enjoy the practice. It will also allow us to meet you. After joining either of the teams practices (male/mixed), you can always decide to also try the other one, for example if the level was too high/low.
  3. Pay the Club Fee
    • Directly on the CERN Volleyball Account at Swiss PTT (12-10782-1) or IBAN : CH7309000000120107821 BIC: POFICHBEXXX
    • The fee allows the club to live while waiting for a possible refund from the Club Coordination Committee of the Staff Association: with it we cover the expenses for the gyms, the equipment (net, balls…) and the tournaments’ participation. The Club asks per season for:
Team I (Male)Team II (Mixed)
200 CHF (Club fee) + 250 CHF (1L licence)100 CHF   
(Club fee)
Reduced fee (short term, etc.), are decided strictly on a case-by-case basis by the club’s president.